A Blog is Born

Welcome to the opening of the new blog!

This blog was born in the summer. It was a long gestation…I’ve been either growing a tiny human inside my womb or at my breasts for 14 years. Every single day for 14 years. As I met with other women, we’d discuss the challenges of breastfeeding  and the horrible, intrusive and rude things complete strangers and family members would say. Very little attention has been given to the happy stories: moms overcoming obstacles, nurses and doctors giving good advice, the funny things that happen when you’re nursing. And so, this blog was born.

This is not a place to complain. This is a place to rejoice and celebrate the milestones, big and small.

Since I’ve been nursing for so long, I have an arsenal of stories. Crazy things happen to me. My other blog is a testament to the insanity that is my life. This blog will be open for you to share your stories, as well. You may submit them by emailing me at hippydippymama@gmail.com.


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