It wasn’t funny at the time

There’s a certain restaurant in Oregon I can’t visit any more, aside from no longer living in Oregon. I’m sure the workers have all since moved on to other better jobs over the 13 years since this happened. I can’t go because my husband launches in to this story and I am all at once mortified and amused.

As a new mother, I wasn’t very adept at breastfeeding my preemie so I nursed him in the car before going in. While waiting for our food, he got fussy, so I fed him again. Our food arrived and he was fussy. So I fed him again. We were eating and I’m still trying to manage to feed both of us. It’s going pretty well. The Boy had always been a very slow eater. Looking back, I realize we had some issues with poor suck and nipple confusion.

I didn’t have a lot of support of information at my disposal for nursing, so my basic strategy was every time the baby fussed, he nursed.

I can’t really say how long he was nursing before I realized he hadn’t burped. It was long enough that I had nearly finished my food. The waitress, bless her heart, had stepped up to the table to ask if we needed anything just as The Boy burped. And refluxed. Projectile. It covered our table, the rest of our food, and the poor waitress.

I was completely mortified. No one said anything. The waitress got some towels. We paid for our food. Never to return again.

Thirteen years later, this story is hilarious.


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  1. Tina
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 19:42:03

    That is so disgustingly hilarious!! You don’t know whether to laugh or cringe! That poor server!! I hope she was/is a mom.


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