Pay Attention!

There I was in a crowded bowling alley in Alabama nursing my 15 month old when…nothing happened. No one said anything to me. No one suggested I carry on in the bathroom. No one even noticed I was breastfeeding!

The family with three young boys bowling next to my family didn’t glance my way, not one single time. I had given them plenty of things to be offended by: Baby girl was not covered by a blanket. In fact she kept pulling up my shirt exposing me more than I cared for!

But like I said, no one would pay any attention to me.

Once I was nursing my youngest at a store known to have “issues” with breastfeeding mothers. I sat down on a chair outside the changing area while my oldest daughter was trying on clothes and began nursing the baby. The worker asked if I wanted to go in to a dressing room. I declined. That was it.

And this scene repeats itself over and over for me the entire 13 years I’ve been a breastfeeding mother. No one ever notices even though I never wear a blanket, cover, or any other thing that is supposed to disguise what I’m doing.  (I believe those covers are more like giant neon signs that scream “BABY NURSING UNDER HERE!”

Women have been nursing in public for a very long time. The vast majority of women do it so discretely you never even know it’s happening. And most people really don’t care. Every day women all over the country nurse in public without incident. They are completely and totally ignored.

Confidence goes a long way. If a mother looks like she’s where she’s supposed to be and doing what she’s supposed to be doing, people are less likely to take notice. People notice things that are out of the ordinary. The more breastfeeding because ordinary, the less people will notice. And that really is a good thing.


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  1. Veronica
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 21:58:29

    Good for you! Thats awesome.
    In a perfect world that would be everyone’s experience.

    You are brave. Many women wouldnt even have tried at the non breastfeeding friendly establishment.


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