The power of support

I never sent out to be a breastfeeding advoate. Those who knew me when I was young and idealistic knew I was more of a “spout my ideas off in a contained and controlled format” kind of person. I wrote for the college newspaper and had a couple brief stints working as an actual reporter for real newspapers. I had plenty of ideas, but my ideas were for other people to implement. Never did I set out to actual change the world myself.

But the very act of having a child changes the world.  And I don’t have just one child. I have six. By  many accounts, not only have I changed the world, I’ve lost my mind!

I have to admit that there are many days when I question my sanity in having a large family. But, there are just as many days when I look at them and county my blessings. I name them one by one. I start with my husband’s name and whisper each of my children’s names, as well. I am truly blessed.

While my husband doesn’t always understand why breastfeeding is so important to me, he supports me in my passion. He’d be happy as a clam if I’d just nurse for a year. But, he also knows that it’s not about him, so he keeps his mouth shut. LOL When baby girl went on a 12 day nursing strike, never once did he suggest I give up. He actually gave me good advice! It was like he had been listening all the times I had given advice to mothers and had retained some of the information. I was completely shocked. 😉

This is World Breatsfeeding Week. You don’t have to participate in a large event to have a big impact. I don’t have any big plans myself aside from what I always do: nursing in public, offering support to other mothers, and letting my children see that breastfeeding is normal.  And, that’s really all you have to do.


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