What’s in a name?

I’ve always heard that you need to stop breastfeeding as soon as baby can ask for. That’s silly because as soon as a baby is born, she asks for it by crying!

But I’ve also never been one to listen to what people say. That’s why I’m still nursing one of my kids far longer than I ever thought I would. She’s my average kid when it comes to weaning. Average as in I’m hoping she’ll wean before we go longer than the world-wide average age for weaning.

What I find amazing is that each of my children have come up with different names for nursing.

My oldest weaned before he could talk (he didn’t talk til he was 2), but the other kids have come up with some doozies!

#2: Beep Beep. At first, we thought she was saying baby and pointing to my nipples. No, she said Beep Beep like a car horn and would smash them with a big grin on her face.  Yes, my boobs look like a horn.

#3 MaBoos Pretty self explanatory, I think. Mom’s Boobs in toddler speak.

#4 Mmmmm She was a sweetie about it. It was just “mama, I want some mmm”

#5 Ha In her little toddler speak, she’d nurse then try to say “ahhhh” except she’d say “haaaaa” And she still calls them Ha.

#6 LuLu Not sure why, but baby girl excitedly says this over and over when she wants to nurse. The only other things she says are CatCat, This and Tickle Tickle.

I am curious to hear what your children have called nursing!


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  1. bethany learn @Fit2b_Us
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 00:02:55

    Like your children, mine have both come up with their own nicknames for nursing. My daughter BF’d for 26 months and she called them “nums” or “nummies.” I used the same term when I had my son, but he changed it. He’s going on 27 months (I’ll be lucky if he quits by the time he’s in kindergarten) and he needs his blanket which he calls “Dee” when he nurses. So when he needs me he says “Numdeenumdeenumdeenums!” Over and Over. It’s so cute! My in-laws in Montana, though … they just call it “titty.” LOL


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